June 1-3, 2023


Crowd at Schellraiser 2022

Far-Flung and Far Out

Our declaration of musical independence in McGill, Nevada

Schellraiser was born in the cool, high desert of Eastern Nevada’s Steptoe Valley, three hours from Salt Lake City, but seemingly a million light years from anywhere else … or so we’ve been told. We’re about as far away from mainstream tastemakers and trendsetters as you can get — geographically, philosophically and sonically — and our lineup reflects our love of alternative and independent music, from country to cumbia, punk to pop and soul to psychedelia. We’re equally far removed from the stresses and strains of urban life: Our venue sits next to some of the largest natural warm springs in the Great Basin, surrounded by high mountains and some of America’s most pristine wilderness areas.

The Paranoyds performing at Schellraiser 2022

More About That Lineup…

We’re diverse. And divergent.

We think we heard Old 97’s frontman Rhett Miller say we have the best-curated one he’s ever seen. Our friends from Moving Panoramas chimed in to call it “an amazingly curated bill in a very special, rare setting.”


Truth be told, they were talking about our inaugural 2022 lineup, but with bands like Asleep At The Wheel, to …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead on board for our second-ever event in 2023, we can’t imagine that they’d think any less of it.

Schellraiser 2022 campground

Where We Are

We like to think of McGill as the Middle of Everywhere.

Schellraiser’s home base of McGill is an old mining company town in the shadows of Nevada’s longest mountain range — the Schell Creeks — which rise more than two miles above sea level just to our east. We’re minutes away from the High Schells and Bristlecone wildernesses, and within an hour’s drive of nearly a dozen other designated wilderness areas.


Beyond our neighbors in Ely, the next-closest cities of any size are Elko, Nevada (2.5 hours to our northwest); Salt Lake City (three hours to our northeast); Cedar City and St. George, Utah (3.5 hours to our southeast); and Twin Falls, Idaho (3.5 hours due north of us). Las Vegas is 4.5 hours to our south; Idaho’s Wood River Valley is just over five hours to our north; and Los Angeles is just under eight hours away.

Man with sunglasses holding dog

Who We Are

Get to Know Schellraiser

We should start off by telling you who we aren’t: We’re not just another corporate event promoter, nor are we a mass-scale event like Burning Man. Schellraiser is a family-owned micro-festival that is passionate about bringing live music and culture to our overlooked and underappreciated corner of the West, while creating unique experiences for festivalgoers, bands and volunteers alike.


We believe in giving back to our community, which is why our inaugural event raised $30,000 for the nonprofit Nevada Northern Railway Foundation. We continue to support local nonprofits and community service organizations, and as the owners of the historic McGill Theater, we’re actively engaged in the process of restoring a long-abandoned cultural landmark in the heart of our downtown.


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