June 1-3, 2023


Where the heck is McGill?

It’s just north of Ely, Nevada, about 225 miles (or three hours) southwest of Salt Lake City, Utah, and 225 miles (or 3.5 hours) northwest of St. George, Utah. Twin Falls, Idaho, is about 235 miles (or 3.5 hours) to the north, and Las Vegas is about 260 miles (or four hours in light traffic and good weather) to the south.

How do I get to McGill?

— From Salt Lake City, head west on Interstate 80 to West Wendover, Nevada. Take Exit 410, and follow the signs to head south on Alternate U.S. Highway 93 for about 106 miles.


— From St. George, head north on Utah State Route 18 for about 47 miles. Turn right in Enterprise, and at the junction with Utah State Route 56, turn left. Continue west on 56 (which becomes Nevada 319) until the junction with U.S. Highway 93 in Panaca. Turn right on 93, and head north for just under 92 miles. At the 6/50 junction, turn left and continue west/north for about 27 miles. At the intersection with E. Aultman, turn right and continue for about 12 miles to McGill.


— From Twin Falls, head due south on Highway 93 for about 239 miles.


— From Las Vegas, head north on Interstate 15 for just over 21 miles. Take Exit 64 to Highway 93, and continue north for 85 miles. Turn left onto State Route 318, and keep right. Continue north on 318 for 110 miles, and at the end of the road, turn right onto U.S. Highway 6. Head east on 6 for 24 miles, and then turn left onto Great Basin Boulevard. Continue for about 0.7 miles, and then turn right at the junction onto E. Aultman/93 North. Head north on 93 for about 12 miles to McGill.


Wherever you’re coming from, be sure to top off your gas tank or recharge your electric/hybrid vehicles whenever you have a chance. There are no services between McGill and West Wendover or Wells, Nevada, or between Ely and Pioche, Nevada.

Where will this year's event be held?

Schellraiser 2023 will be held at the McGill Pool Park, 5535 N. McGill Hwy.


The park is located at the very north end of McGill, on the left-hand side of the road if you’re traveling north from Ely, and on the right-hand side of the road if you’re coming from Twin Falls or West Wendover.


The county-owned venue is NOT affiliated with our private campround, which is situated at a different location about 1.8 miles north of the pool park.


Camping is NOT allowed at the park.

What is McGill like, and what is there to do around town?

If you come here expecting a carbon copy of tony resort towns like Aspen, Crested Butte, Park City or Sun Valley, you are bound to be deeply disappointed.


McGill is an authentic, unvarnished small town with limited retail services right now, although we are working with others to boost those options.


You can still get away from it all here, without having to vie with hordes of weekend warriors, jet-setting tourists and the nouveau riche crowding backcountry trails.


We’re just minutes away from two designated wilderness areas, and opportunities for outdoor recreation abound in the surrounding valley and mountain ranges.


Looking more like the plateaus of central Utah or the mountains of northern New Mexico, places like Timber Creek, Berry Creek, the Bristlecone Wilderness, Telegraph Peak and the Cherry Creek Range defy stereotypes that portray Nevada as a barren, desolate, sun-scorched wasteland.


In a matter of minutes, you can travel from valley wetlands and sagebrush steppelands to pinyon-juniper woodlands, coniferous forests and subalpine peaks. Along the way, you might see the largest elk herd in Nevada; the second-largest mule deer herd in the state; or the third-largest herd of pronghorn antelope.

Where can I spend the night?

The Schellraiser campground is your best bet.


Our 80-acre campground is located on private property about 1.8 miles north of the McGill Pool Park. You can learn more about it by visiting the Camping page on our website.


The next-closest lodging options are in Ely, about 13 miles south of the pool park. We highly recommend Hotel Nevada and the Ely KOA Journey campground.


Please note that camping is NOT allowed at the McGill Pool Park.

Will you be running a shuttle between Ely and McGill?

In a word, no. We tried that last year, and no one took us up on our offer of free rides back and forth. If there appears to be genuine demand for shuttles in the future, we might reconsider. But as a small, family-owned festival, we don’t have the financial resources to pay for a service that isn’t being utilized.

Event parking is available along the McGill Pool Park Road, and there are additional angled parking spots on Avenue K in McGill.

Are dogs allowed at Schellraiser?

We love dogs — we’re partial to pit bulls — and welcome attendees who take good care of their canine companions. All dogs must be on leashes and under control at all times, and attendees must clean up after their pets.

I want to light up. Can I?

We’re not big fans of rules and regulations, but Schellraiser aims to be 100 percent smoke-free. This includes marijuana and vaping products.

What's the weather like in early June?

Be prepared for warm days and cool nights. Daytime highs are generally in the mid-70s, while average nighttime temperatures drop to the low-40s. Light snow flurries are uncommon during the first week of June, but they’re not unheard of. If you’re planning to camp out or roam around, bring an extra layer of warm clothing and rain gear with you.

What can I bring into the venue?

Lawn chairs, small shade umbrellas and refillable water bottles are all OK; outside food and beverages are not.

Absolutely no outside alcohol is allowed into the McGill Pool Park, and firearms or weapons of any kind are strictly prohibited.

Anyone who violates our no-outside alcohol and no-weapons policies will be denied entry to Schellraiser, and they will not be eligible for refunds on ticket sales.

My band wants to perform at Schellraiser 2023. How can I submit a booking inquiry?

Our 2023 lineup is booked solid, and we are not accepting additional booking inquiries at this time.

If your band wants to be considered for future events, you can email midagefanclub@hotmail.com.

Please do NOT submit booking inquiries via Facebook Messenger. This will only tick us off royally, and we most assuredly will NOT consider any Facebook inquiries.

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